Written by Baha Danesh
Featuring Danny Minnick and Samaire Armstrong 
Located at The Salon at Automatic Sweat, Culver City CA.

On Saturday, June 25th skateboarder and painter, Danny Minnick and actress, designer and model, Samaire Armstrong unveiled ‘Beautiful Beast’ a collaborative exhibition that consisted of 20 original works of art that depicted a luminous discussion of masculine and feminine energy.

For Samaire and Danny collaboration is more than a process: the concept of synergy resonates through every aspect of their paintings. Playing off of a uniquely unspoken interaction, they take turns inventing, adding to, and editing each piece, propelling their stories through spontaneous radiant paintings.

Samaire states: “Danny I started collaborating because I had a couple canvases that were halfway finished. Immediately after I presented my artwork to Danny we instantaneously realized that our styles complimented each other. Once we started the artistic process, we realized that we are the yin to each others yang, which also happens to be how we came up with the show title Beautiful Beast.”

Sameire’s painting style is smooth, luminous, and elegant where as Danny’s painting style is masculine, brilliantly disordered, and sometimes jagged. They both draw inspiration from their immediate environment by incorporating fragments of thought and feeling and at times imagery from their past.

Composing their pieces in conjunction with one another, recurrent motifs, gestures, places, and figures appear within different works; Samarie incorporates her bright colors along with the triangular patterns while Danny draws in zigzagging body parts. They both approach painting as a visual representation of pure energy and in return they allow the viewer to profusely explore the canvas.

The exhibit ‘Beautiful Beast’ will remain on view at The Salon in Culvr City until Saturday July 23rd. For more information about Danny Minick visit his website at and for more information about Samaire Armstrong visit her website at

The Salon at Automatic Sweat, is located at 2656 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034.

Photos by Ron Pre and Baha H. Danesh
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Baha Danesh
Baha Danesh
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