Dace Vaivade

Dace Vaivade

Location – Sweden (Originally from Latvia)

Occupation – Writer / Poet 

Dace told We Choose Art:

“Life is a mystery with the magic of creating the journey to different dimensions. Where the path will lead me, I never know. I have to be courageous enough to follow the sound of my soul singing the melody of destiny. So I did. And it lead me to self discovery.

For a long time, I thought I was not artistically able, unable to be creative, to be the full me.  Such was the case until I visited Los Angeles and met youth from the Street Poets community, who by their attention, let me discover how able I really am. The inspiration to write came after meeting these young men and women who transform their lives by discovering their voices as artists­, writers, rappers, producers – as human beings. I was 21 years old when I wrote my first poem. Since then my life has taken a turn into entering new dimensions, and because of this, it, I, feel completely different. Poetry saved my life and made me understand that I am able in my art if it comes from the place of heart. I haven’t stopped writing since. Paper and pen have become my medicine of life. I discovered the power of my own story through writing poetry and letting my voice to be heard.

Writing opened doors for healing and medicine of heart, going beyond just creating poetry. It makes me work with my own life, my story, take up the challenges and struggles in a new way and voice outwards the truth I hold within me. If I didn’t write I would not be me. It is a part of my story. It is personal, it is vulnerable, but by sharing a poem I share a piece of me, and that is why it is so powerful. When I write, I forget about the rules of life, frames of thoughts, boxes we often try to put ourselves in. When I write, the freedom is granted to go into the journey of what I hold true to myself. No one to tell me what it should look like or be. I breathe the reality of what I feel. Writing is my medicine, my forgiveness ability, my ground for healing.

Art allows me to feel free in my authenticity. I chose art because I am alive when I put my story into words of poetry. I chose art because the color of my life paints acceptance through words I put on paper. For me, poetry creates the opening of your heart, letting the soul speak. Everybody who writes from the place of heart, for me, is the greatest poet he can possibly be. We all have a story. All of them are important. When we pay attention to listening to each other, a more compassionate world will be born. Empathy lets us discover beyond the surface of categories we create for ourselves. We need to own our stories and care for the others stories to be heard.

I want my life to be a poem that feels alive and breathes the color of acceptance upon the sky of love!”

For more information about Dace Vaivade please click HERE to visit her website. 

Top photo captured by: Oona Gronroos

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Brian McCormack
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