Ellen Schinderman

Ellen Schinderman

Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Occupation: Artist

Ellen Schinderman was raised in New York City were she attended NYU and received a BFA in Drama. Her passions for the arts brought Ellen to Los Angeles where she now resides and works as an artist and has become a beacon for the “stitch art” movement and a fixture in the LA art scene. She uses needlepoint, embroidery, and cross stitching as her medium to investigate various topics that many shy away from such as drag queens, pornography, women’s sexuality and liberation. Even though Ellen’s work touches on a nostalgic art form, she adds her flare for excitement and fun, which gives it a life of it’s own. Her work has garnered much attention and for Ellen, one of the main highlights in her career was to be featured in Hustler Magazine. Ellen has also been showcased online by contemporary art publications, Juxtopoz, Beautiful Decay, and LA Weekly. When asked why she chooses to continue her work as an artist, Ellen states:

“I haven’t run out of ideas yet; there are so many things I want to see recontextualized in stitch.“

Ellen is curator and participant for the “Stitch Fetish” exhibits at The Hive Gallery. The next stitch show, Stitch Fetish 3, will take place in February 2015. Ellen’s work has been exhibited at Gallery1988, Flower Pepper Gallery, and Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles. She continues to show throughout the United States. If you would like to see more of Ellen’s work, visit her website or email her at eschinderman@yahoo.com.

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Luciano Martinez
Luciano Martinez
To Luciano, art is more than just an expression of one’s life and experiences but rather various “realities” which exist in an artist’s mind.
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