NUDE Survey One curated by Eric Minh Swenson

“NUDE Survey One”, opening Friday April 3rd at Jamie Brooks Fine Art, is a group exhibition curated by the prolific art scene photographer and filmmaker Eric Minh Swenson.  The show will include works by a variety of Los Angeles based artists who touch upon and explore concepts of the nude figure.

Friday night marks Swenson’s first curatorial debut and he has chosen a lineup of art that will sizzle the gallery walls and offer an experience that is glossy and real, glamorous and gnarly, sexy and sophisticated, all at once.

 This unique art exhibition will document the vibrant and creative philosophy of today’s nude culture. The exhibit includes over 30 different artists ranging from photographers to painters and sculptors.

 When We Choose Art asked Swenson “why do you choose art?” he stated: 

“I’ve slept with hundreds of artists so the DNA of their creativity runs through my body. With that kind of osmosis I feel like I understand the souls of artists. Since their work is a part of me I feel like there is an intimate relationship between artist and documentarian. Like a child who needs to nourished and documented from birth to life and death.”

 Be part of this unique event where taboo is embraced and art is elevated. The opening night starts at 6 pm on April 3rd at 2967 Randolph Ave in Costa Mesa CA.

 Exhibit includes art by Adonna Khare, Alex Couwenberg, Allie Pohl, Angela Izzo, April Flores, Barbara Milliorn, Billy Pacak, Bradford Salamon, Camilla Taylor, Chris Gwaltney, Chuck Swenson, Cynthia Patterson, Dave Naz, Eric Charles, Eric Johnson, Eric Kroll, Johnny Naked, Katherine Rohrbacher, Katlin Evans, Kevin Stewart-Magee, Kristian Burford, Melanie Newcombe, Nicole Waszak and William Wray, Renee Jacobs, Robert Adler Ashley Bravin, Sarah Abramson, Serena Potter, Steve Diet Goedde, Ted Meyer, and Victor Lightworship. 

Scroll down to read why Barbara Milliorn, Dave Naz, Katherine Rohrbacher and Melanie Newcombe choose art. 

Photos by Eric Minh Swenson, Gregory Bojorquez, and Dave Naz.



Baha Danesh
Baha Danesh
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with creative energy, love, grace, and gratitude. For Baha Danesh - ART is Happiness.
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