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WeChooseArt is a collaborative community of thought and expression, where each individual can share their creative input of why artists do what they do. Our mission is to globally document a vibrant and artistic culture for tomorrow’s unique future.


NUDE Survey One curated by Eric Minh Swenson

“NUDE Survey One”, opening Friday April 3rd at Jamie Brooks Fine Art, is a group exhibition curated by the prolific art scene photographer and filmmaker Eric Minh Swenson.  The show will include works by a variety of Los Angeles based artists who touch upon and explore concepts of the nude figure. Friday night marks Swenson’s first curatorial debut and he has chosen a lineup of art that will sizzle […]

Colin Ambulance

Colin Ambulance Location: Los Angeles Occupation: Artist​​ Colin Ambulance’s pen name seamlessly fits the art he creates. His art is funny and dark, face-value amusing and topically satirical. Colin is prolific. He uses pens and oils and word balloons to depict an apocalyptic (or realistic, depending on the viewer) glimpse into hipster, scenester, alcoholic, druggy, […]

Create:Fixate Presents – I Art You

Create:Fixate Presents – I Art You On Monday night, I visited the Create: Fixate team for a special behind the scenes installation night of “I Art You”. My evening began at their new Venice location where curator and producer Michelle Berc was busy creating a magical atmosphere for Create:Fixate’s 13 Year Anniversary Celebration. As the night swiftly passed by, the […]

Isabella Kelly-Ramirez

  Isabella Kelly-Ramirez Location: Los Angeles Occupation: Artist   Isabella Kelly-Ramirez is a mixed media assemblage artist who creates surreal feminist portraits. Her compositions flow from order to chaos, using a cosmetic color palette and stark white pages. Isabella recontextualizes the faces of mainstream media with giant eyes and lips. These proportions are reminiscent of plastic […]


CALI KILLA Location: Los Angeles / NYC Occupation: Visual Artist Through stenciled images of pop culture, fashion, music, and historical references, Cali Killa creates national and international street art that catches attention, cultures the masses, and is a voice for the his ideas. Active primarily in urban environments, he combines striking visuals with cleverly placed […]

Carlos Grasso

Carlos Grasso Location: Ojai, California Occupation: Artist Though an Argentinian native, Carlos Grasso studied graphic design and painting in Argentina, Paris, and Los Angeles.  As an apprentice to master painter David A. Leffel, Grasso began his art with an emphasis in realism and life drawing.  Recently, however, Grasso has found freedom in abstraction.  His collage-based compositions juxtapose […]

Max Presneill

Max Presneill, a Los Angeles-based artist, unveiled his latest body of work at the Garboushian Gallery in Beverly Hills. His exhibit, TRIUMVIRATE, displays a unique style of abstract and conceptual themes that empower him to explore outside the boundaries of basic fine art. Max delivers a brightly colored and busy assessment of the world he […]


Saturday January 10th marked the opening night of “Pareidolia” at The Red Pipe Gallery. The evening was brimming with talent, and with Curtis Stage, the organizer and participant behind the show as my guide, my palette expanded through the works of Adam Scott, Amy Maloof, Brian Thomas Jones, Jacob Fowler, Julie Whaley, Ryan Travis Christian […]
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