Rachel Stark

Rachel Stark

Location: Ojai, CA

Occupation: Student

I often refer to our generation as The Bridge Generation. We know in our hearts what is necessary to evolve and sustain, though there is no proven template or path to get there. Sure one could argue that every generation has dealt with this in their own way, but I would emphasize the fact that never before has our task truly been a global one. Before it was borders of a town or country, but now it a quest for our collective ‘everything’, our One social, cultural and environmental organism. Our place, our planet, is finite. Our choices of what to do with it, however, are infinite, and with the implementation of the choices we make, we build our Bridge into a space yet to be defined.

Our true work here is never finished, and we certainly cannot do it alone. If we’re fortunate enough, we meet those who, in their own unique way, equipped with their own unique gifts, play a vital role in enhancing who we are — as a people, as an individual. If and when you have the pleasure of meeting Rachel, expect nothing but yourself.

Our Bridge needs architects – this is Rachel.  She has tailored her education to carve out a very lucid path towards integrating heart-centered choice making into mainstream society. I believe Rachel is gearing up to becoming a new type of politician – one who truly serves, not just what we need, but who we are.

The Art of Leadership

There is no paint, no instruments, no clay to shape or shakespearean sonnets to recite.  When we think about art, we often imagine the epoch of artistic endeavors showing up in a gallery (hopefully with good wine and horderves) or in a large theater. Esteemed orchestration is often witnessed from an orchestra pit, and the conductor is a man at the front waving his arms and flicking his wrists, often with hair that moves frantically no matter what the tempo of music. Clearly, the work of an artistic master.

From my perspective, there is no more fulfilling creative expression than that of collaboration, which in my world is a synonym to leadership. Collaboration is a real time masterpiece, how tones and gifts go together, the outcome and its effect, creation with every interface.  Each person is a place on the palette, and in art, the omnipresent drive is for truth, a holy attempt to illuminate the ineffable and undeniable.  I see this divinity in everyone, in the world we live, and the laws of sanctity that govern it.  There is a divine order, in which we have free will, a paradoxical paradise to express our truest essence – the epitome of what I understand to be art.  I’ve come to realize we don’t choose art, we are art, no matter our propensity of expression or how we define the medium.

If we define ‘art’ we would find it to say; “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

I feel the orientation of an artist is needed most in leadership. Our imaginations and creative skills are our saving grace, our heart the highest order of implementation. There is nothing more emotionally powerful, or beautiful than that of human connection. This is my purpose, my artistic endeavor, to bring creativity and heart into collaboration and connection, which, when applied, generates the most visually profound outcome. What some may call impossible is always achieved through heart, creativity and connection.

We are on the edge of a precipice, the realization that we are able to create in every moment, and that in fact, there are no bounds. Our global society has begun massive transitions, and we are realizing we need to be genuinely present. This creation doesn’t necessarily mean that we are the supreme orchestrators. We are the messengers, the instruments, WE are the medium. This is how to lead in life – riding the edge of its creation through experience, and acknowledging that we are all here experiencing together. Truly, the dynamism and fulfillment come with working with each other.

Now, more than ever, it is a conscious choice to listen to and allow ourselves to be lead by our natural creative genius, which has its own inclusive structure, its own natural language, a connected magnificence, as life itself.



PC : Nathaniel Solace

Brian McCormack
Brian McCormack
Brain, holds close the idea that art – in its conception, collaboration ,cause, and effect – has no boundaries. Follow Brian on Instagram! #bdmcc or @bdmcc
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  • Rick Gabrielly

    Great post Brian. I love what Rachel stands for. It is refreshing, perhaps even exciting to watch young leaders speak from their heart. Then back it up with doing the work necessary to finish the vision. It warms my heart to put our future in your generation’s hands. Bravo Brian. Bravo Rachel. #fullsupport #collaborativepalette

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