Sinem Yazici – Photography

Sinem Yazici

Location: New York
Occupation: Photographer

Sinem Yazici is a graduate of Marmara University, School of Public Relations and Advertising and later honed her photography skills at the the New York Film Academy. Sinem decribes her photography as “an exploration of the human soul through the stories of body and fabric”. Even though Sinem shoots both men and women, her images of men are particularly stunning and exude a sensuality that is hard to capture. Her remarkable sensitivity to lighting and framing gives her contemporary photography a refinement and detail that only the most critical can appreciate.

Sinem finds photography to be her true love. It is an expression of her passions in life. When asked about why she chose art, she had this to say:

“When I shoot, I shoot with my heart and soul. Art feeds my soul and gives me freedom.“

Sinem has worked with various magazines in both the United States and Turkey. Her editorial photography has been featured in such publications as Men’s Health, Details Magazine, Fucking Young!, The Fashionisto, D’Scene Magazine, Male Model Scene, Chasseur Magazine, Creem Magazine, Caleo Magazine, Jon Magazine, Design Scene, Underwear, Expert, Image Amplified, It’s About The Man, Anatomika, Pharaoh Magazine, Trend Hunter, Adam in Town, and MAG Magazine. Sinem continues to work in New York and Turkey with various top modeling agencies.
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Florian-portrait-by-Sinemy Girls-by-Sinemy Luis-by-Sinemy-1 Thorben-Gartner-by-Sinemy-1 Yannik-by-Sinemy-sergi

Luciano Martinez
Luciano Martinez
To Luciano, art is more than just an expression of one’s life and experiences but rather various “realities” which exist in an artist’s mind.
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