Aldo Bautista – Ancestral Tongue

Aldo Bautista – Ancestral Tongue 

Location: Montclair, CA. 

Occupation: Musician

Ancestral Tongue is the moniker of Aldo Bautista, a musician from Montclair, CA. Aldo’s music offers up a refreshing approach to the ‘Folk’ and ‘Psychedelic’ genres of music. His unique sound is filled with dark, honest, and emotional messages that are primarily centered around  his distinctive solid vocals.

I was introduced to him a couple years ago but only recently heard his inspiring tunes which influenced my question, “Why do you choose art?”Ancestral Tongue stated:

My art is a form of self expression, which I can’t seem to release in any other way. Even though my thoughts are already scratching the surface of my skin, I tend to dig even deeper to see what else I can find hidden within. It’s an escape from this world as well. I get lost in my own fantasy hoping others will eventually join. It’s a form of unintended meditation, a form of self impression and a form of personal growth. That is why I choose art.

Ancestral Tongue will be playing a show in Los Angeles on August 1st at Manifesto Cafe

For more information about him or to sample some music visit

Michael Smith
Michael Smith
"Art is a way to manifest emotion and feeling that we can't express through language alone."
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