Andi Magenheimer

Andi Magenheimer

Location – Los Angeles, CA 

Occupation – Artist 

“One of my earliest memories is of hiding in a cupboard and thinking that death would be exactly like what it was like before I was born, and, as I could remember nothing, I came to the conclusion that there would be nothing after. The result was that I had a really strange mixture of sort of offbeat defiance and existential loneliness. Our parents worked long hours, so my older sister and I were kind of left to our own devices. Laura always hogged the TV, so I hid in my room a lot to read and draw. I still have stories I wrote when I was maybe six or seven. My first poem was illustrated with a very disgruntled self­ portrait trying to crush a smokestack with my tiny boots.

Music shows are inspiring for me, and I have a lot of great friends who turn me on to things happening around Brooklyn and Echo Park. It makes me really proud when my friends make great music, like Endless Boogie, Degreaser, Vaz, CVI, and Michael Ice, among many others. It also helps to watch great films, and I look at a lot of art in galleries and museums since I write reviews for a few art magazines, the main one being Flash Art.

The work I’ve done in LA is really different to what I was doing back in New York, where I attended undergrad at the School of Visual Arts and lived for 9 years, making German expressionist-looking oil paintings, and London, where I did my master’s degree at the Royal College of Art and painted erotic, pillowy dreamscapes. My work is still developing, but in a way where I feel more in control of my imagery, and I can develop individual ideas completely in completely coherent series without developing an existential panic about how best to represent my thoughts.

If I didn’t make art I would be a completely different person. It’s not really a choice… More like an impulse that turns urgent­, similar to built­ up pressure when you’re holding a piss for a long time and can’t go, like in the opening scenes in Buffalo ’66.“

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TOP: Photos by Gabby Laurent

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Brian McCormack
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