Written by: Baha H. Danesh
Located at  Think Tank Gallery  DTLA 
Featuring : Scott Hove  and Bakers’s Son 

Over the years, Think Tank Gallery has become one LA’s top cultural destinations. They’ve hosted groundbreaking art shows, fashion events, musical performances and even converted the gallery into a one of a kind art inspired skate park. But their latest installment is unlike any other show I’ve ever seen.

On February 13th, Downtown Los Angeles’s Think Tank Gallery celebrated the opening of BREAK BREAD, a salivating collaboration featuring artists Scott Hove and Keith Magruder—also known as Baker’s Son.

BREAK BREAD’s ambiance was stylishly decadent yet eerie. The gallery was transformed into a candy land of art that included floor to ceiling cake sculptures, tech-based mirror mazes, a hyper–realistic ice cream truck and even a coffee shop to go along with their challah shop.

Walking into the gallery the viewer is elevated into a whimsical yet nostalgic land of art. Each room encompasses the duality of light and dark. Giving you brightness and feelings that can take you back to being a kid, while simultaneously haunting you with murky shadows and images of a dark future. These contrasts between the bright cakes and dark objects placed within them transport viewers and allow them to forget that they are located on the second floor of a 7,500 square foot warehouse within LA’s urban Fashion District.

Artist Scott Hove has made a name for himself in the art world with his striking, cake-themed sculptures. His installation for ‘BREAK BREAD’ is the largest Cakeland installation to date.

Hove states:

“Every time I create a new Cakeland, it’s an opportunity for me to expand the concept. Whenever I create this installation I’m retelling a story and adding to the process. It’s constantly an evolving thing.”

Giant cakes with enticing neon colors and acrylic frosting wrapped chandeliers and stiletto heels are just one serving of the show. The other half is filled with the hyper-realistic watercolor paintings and installations of Keith Magruder (AKA Baker’s Son)

Magruder states:

“For my Childhood Street dreams installation, I’m hoping viewers will strike a memory from their childhood.  I just want people to feel something. Let it be happy, sad, confused or hungry.”

And that’s exactly what I felt when looking at his life-size watercolor installation of an urban ice cream truck. The realism of Keith’s work jumps off the paper and leaves the viewer wanting more.

Keith explained:

“The best advice I’ve been given is to never stop painting even when you don’t want to. I choose art because it was always around me. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother who was an all around crafter. She used to give me art books, markers, pens, pencils, and crayons to draw with. My parents were also pretty supportive and let me take a lot of different classes to explore my creativity I went to a magnet high school where I took painting classes and then went on to Art College. So I guess I have always been training to become an artist.”

Think Tank Gallery is located on Maple St. between 9th and Olympic. The last day to day to see Break Bread is March 13, 2016. I highly encourage you to experience this beautiful exhibit before it’s too late.

For more information and list of their events please visit ThinkTankGallery.Org

Photos by: Baha H. Danesh 



Baha Danesh
Baha Danesh
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