Brian Berman

Brian Berman

Location: Ojai, CA

Occupation: Sculptor

I was introduced to Brian’s work in Ojai, California when his sculptures were placed about the creative space where I had an office.  During breaks, I would often visit his work, calmed by the very intentional relationships forged between rock, metal and glass.   I must say, and I mean this as an absolute compliment, that my first thought upon seeing Brian’s work was, “If the Death Star or Rebel Alliance had a high end gallery, Berman’s work would be there.”  And just like the Star Wars movies, there is something inherently human in his seemingly intergalactic designs. Looking at his work gives hands to my eyes, continually encouraging my heart to open more to that which exists outside of myself.

“I use the medium of sculpture to express my vision for a life of beauty and compassion for all humanity, to exemplify the healing power within.  My sculptures hold my intention for healing ourselves as we learn how to best live together in harmony and peace. I create the sculptural forms to calm the eyes, sooth to the senses and connect with our Soul. They invite you, the viewer, to take some time from your busy day and contemplate beauty and feel more at peace within the world and within yourself.

After 15 years of sculpting 3D forms in stone and metal, in 2006 I began making glass castings as a way to show a 4th – our inner dimension. These sculptures are metaphors, as we are all 3 dimensional beings, and yet our inner world is what is most important for cultivating compassion and peace from within.  That’s why I do this, art for peace – and the relationship between what that means between our inner and outer selves.”


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Brian McCormack
Brian McCormack
Brain, holds close the idea that art – in its conception, collaboration ,cause, and effect – has no boundaries. Follow Brian on Instagram! #bdmcc or @bdmcc
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