Bushwick Open Studios

Bushwick Open Studios

From Friday June 5th to Sunday June 7th, the streets of Bushwick located in Brooklyn transformed into an all inclusive art and culture festival called “Bushwick Open Studios.”

As local artists and galleries of the area opened up their spaces, a creative synergy flowed through the entire 3 mile area. Over 500 artists studios and more than 50 galleries hosted events where New Yorkers and tourists alike could experience almost any form of art & culture desirable from curated group shows, collectives, private studio viewings, artist talks, live music & performances, art classes, vendors/markets, live mural painting, and even on-the-street hairstyling. Crowds flocked to events including the NEWD Art Show, BOS 2015 Launch Party and Seeking Space Exhibition Presented by Tumblr, Color Me Bushwick, The Bushwick Collective Block Party, BOS 2015 Community Day Presented by Blick Art Materials, and BOS 2015 Closing Party and CinemaSunday.

Staying informed and navigating the area was made easier with the AiB BOS app that includes a map, events, artist studios, and favorite spots.

For more information on Bushwick Open Studios or to learn how to become a member, please visit www.artsinbushwick.org

During our visit to BOS  we visited local artists in their studios and exhibition spaces to ask why they choose art:

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Krista Moy
Krista Moy
Krista believes that art is an expression of one’s soul in unlimited forms and experiences.
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