Carlos Grasso

Carlos Grasso

Location: Ojai, California
Occupation: Artist

Though an Argentinian native, Carlos Grasso studied graphic design and painting in Argentina, Paris, and Los Angeles.  As an apprentice to master painter David A. Leffel, Grasso began his art with an emphasis in realism and life drawing.  Recently, however, Grasso has found freedom in abstraction.  His collage-based compositions juxtapose found objects with abstract paintings, creating a dialogue between the tangible and the intangible, the subjective and the material.

 Free flowing brush strokes, geometric shapes, dots, and stenciled or scribbled letters (that make no words) serve as the backdrop for both sterile and organic found objects.  A flower, something conventionally identifiable, floats amidst an abstract plane of dark brush strokes and texture treatments.  Grasso’s mix of “the outside world” and “the inside world” provokes conversation about representation, language, individual interpretation, and collective understandings.

Grasso’s current exhibition with Sylvia Raz, Dos del Sur, opens this Saturday, Jan 31, 2015 at the Santa Paula Art Museum in California and runs until June 15, 2015.

Why do you choose art?

“I choose art NOT to please curators, gallery owners or critics.

 I choose art NOT to please you.

 I choose art NOT to make lots of money.

 I choose art NOT to become famous or have 1000 “likes” on Facebook postings.

 I choose art NOT to be completely unknown.

 I choose art NOT to feel good about myself.

 I choose art NOT to become a master of it.

That and much more IS why I choose art…”

Upcoming shows:
January 31-June 14, 2015 – Santa Paula Art Museum, California
Exhibit Carlos Grasso in “Dos del Sur” with artist Sylvia Raz
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cgCarlos Grasso Inner Structure-#9x-Inner Structure #13-2Sacred Space #7-scanSacred Space #12Shadow-(Black-Soul)Carlos Grasso WHITE - Untitled #ZeroWHITE-Escaping-900pxCarlos-Grasso_Photo-by-Eric-Minh-Swenson


Lorna Alkana
Lorna Alkana
I choose art because of the space between it, its artists, and its audience. This powerful gap intertwines intention and interpretation in a way that defines and challenges cultural narratives and reveals and distorts realities. Art creates room for interaction and reflection. I choose art because I want to learn and listen. I choose art because I have something to say.
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