Chelsea Monét

Chelsea Monét

Location: Los Angeles & San Francisco
Occupation: Musician, writer, performer

Chelsea Monét is a performing and recording artist whose art and way of life are geared toward bringing consciousness and love back into the mainstream media and entertainment industry. Chelsea most recently hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, though she was born in San Diego and lived in Detroit for most of her childhood. She grew up as an athlete, playing basketball and running track and field. Her interest in music developed more recently, and she is making up for lost time. Miss Monét relocated to LA in the summer of 2013 in order to pursue art and music as a full time career.

Chelsea is a social justice advocate, singer/songwriter, spoken word artist, stand up comedienne, actress and freelance writer. She has taken on the daunting task of bringing love back.

Regarding her recent move to LA:

I have been writing and performing for about 5 years and LA was the next step to jump start my career and live my dream.

There is such a huge underground hip hop/neo future soul/rock and roll culture to LA that most don’t know because we are fed all this ‘Hollowood’/TMZ BS. I am blessed to be around so many heartfelt artists every day.

Why do you choose art?

I don’t choose art, it chooses me!
I choose art because, in this digital world, it’s becoming increasingly rare to see flaws, imperfections and pain on a personal level. A lot of my music, my art, and my poetry involve revealing these imperfections. I am just a kid who wants to be loved. We are all kids who want to be loved. Everyone posts perfect pictures on Instagram and writes about how great their relationships are and how they have all these dates and all this money… blah blah…on and on. I make art because I like to think that sharing my imperfections allows others to be themselves and can inspire them to try to chase their dreams even though they may fall. I make art to inspire folks to get back up and keep pushing, keep practicing love. Because love, contrary to popular belief, is not easy.

How would you describe your music?

Mac Dre-esque, cool, romantic, Common/Queen Latifah flows mixed with Nina Simone.

Miss Monét has two studio projects out to date: Self Destruction:le debut which is a collaboration with the Bay Area band, Whale Cry, and her solo project Miss Mesmerize.

Chelsea’s latest project, Tha Next Monét, is her collaboration with LA producer/booking agent, Elliot Next. Their EP, Bamboo, is set to drop on Halloween 2014 at Party Punx’s Galactik Smack 4, a music and art event at the Downtown Playground in the Downtown LA Warehouse District.

She also performs as a charismatic MC at venues around LA.

Since Chelsea is a prolific artist, find her in real time online with #practicelove.

Contact Info and Websites
IG: @MissChelseaMonet
Twitter: @chelseamonet

Photo by Lora Mote.

Lorna Alkana
Lorna Alkana
I choose art because of the space between it, its artists, and its audience. This powerful gap intertwines intention and interpretation in a way that defines and challenges cultural narratives and reveals and distorts realities. Art creates room for interaction and reflection. I choose art because I want to learn and listen. I choose art because I have something to say.
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