Chinacat 663

Chinacat 663

Location: Rockford, Illinois
Occupation:  linoleum blocks / acrylics / mix media artist.

Chinacat 663 is an artist who works predominantly with linoleum blocks, acrylics, color pencils and watercolors. She studied Illustration for two years at the Fashion Institution of Technology in NYC and later moved to Rockford, Illinois. In 2010, Chinacat 663 attended Rockford University and discovered her passions for printmaking. Her works showcase a combination of “cute” characters created with “humor” often with “macabre” overtones frequently touching on today’s political atmosphere surrounding women’s issues. Much of her work uses symbols and hand drawn type as a way to communicate various thoughts and ideas traveling through the artist’s consciousness.

When asked why she chose to continue her work as an artist, Chinacat 663 said:

“Growing up as an introvert child, pen and paper were my first playmates. My thoughts, emotions, secrets, and fantasies were often recorded on paper in writings or drawings. But as I was busy becoming an adult, I had slowly forgotten about my pen and paper. It wasn’t until many years later that it dawned on me — a part of me was miserable and felt empty because I had forgotten and stopped doing what I loved doing. From that moment, I knew I must create again to make up for the years I had missed, and that I need to make art to fill the black hole in my soul, to keep my heart and mind from atrophying. “

Chinacat 663 will be a featured artist next April at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. Prints of her work may be purchased at Confero Art Collective’s website. The work is printed on various materials such as wood, brushed metal, and canvas. Chinacat 663 currently resides in Rockford where she continues to create new works in her home studio. If you would like to see more of Chinacat’s work, visit her website or email her at

Lola_300dpi_1000w Censorship (No Evil)_300dpi-1500w Killer_Cupcake_300dpi_1500w
Happily_Ever_After_300dpi_1500wInKrampusWeTrust_300dpi_1500wLife_150dpi_LLove's Warning_300dpi_1000wMi Mi Mao_300dpi_1000wMilkingTheSystem_300dpi_1500w

Luciano Martinez
Luciano Martinez
To Luciano, art is more than just an expression of one’s life and experiences but rather various “realities” which exist in an artist’s mind.
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