Jamie Hammond

Jamie Hammond

Location: Long Beach, CA

Occupation: Dancer

To move rhythmically to music with love, grace, and lust is a concept that most people can’t illustrate but for Jamie Hammond it’s in her blood. 

Jamie Hammond is a dancer and choreographer who founded the all male contemporary dance troupe, Pony Box Dance Theatre. She explores the expression behind movement and emotion by integrating all mediums of art to create dances with a social and political relevance. Her mission is to bring the beauty and the joy of dance to everyone by creating and performing contemporary ballet. 

During one of Jamie Hammond’s choreographed performances I was struck with inspiration to know more about her and  her journey into the dance world.

Jamie Hammond States:

Dance saved my life. As a child, I wanted to move and be free; the discovery behind the beauty of dance drew me like a moth to a flame. Dance was the perfect form of expression, that allowed me to transcend my body, my circumstances, and my mind.

My inspiration for starting Pony Box Dance Theatre started from fostering my love for art, ALL art, sculpture, poetry, architecture, dancers, theater, opera, film, and music. Breathing life into a professional company of mature dance artists was, and continues to be, profoundly transformational for me in every respect.

ART chose me, and I embraced that choice. It was a raw, intuitive, emotional choice. No rational person would choose dance; it wrecks your body, requires years of extreme discipline for only a short career span. Furthermore there are inherent obstacles to making a living that you are drawn to, especially since most dance forms are highly restrictive and over commercialized. Yet, I am among the chosen few, who are honored by the rare opportunity to fuse one’s passion with one’s lifework through the expression of an under-appreciated, transformational art form……..dance.

To read more about Jamie or to join the Pony Box Dance theatre connect with them on Facebook or visit their website at PonyBoxDance.org.


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