Jesse Best

Jesse Best

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Artist, Filmmaker

I was introduced to Jesse’s work while visiting Pittsburgh, his art very methodically displayed on the exposed brick walls of a popular downtown hub.  There is a three dimensional element to his work, a physical layering of images that yielded a visually tactile experience.  It was a tease of sorts, but not in a way that detracted from my experience – quite the contrary. Jesse’s display coaxes open a unique perception that is both warm and enigmatic.  If you ever have the opportunity to see Jesse’s work in person, do.

We asked  Jesse why he chooses art. He shares:

“I try to create images that myself and others can enjoy…or at least think about. Whether it’s a painting or a moving image, the goal is to take the participant somewhere unique. Creating these images satisfies a very specific and abstract need in my life. I like the idea of art reflecting an innate language we humans all share. If you can wake up everyday and create something dynamic, it seems to add to this endless timeline we’ve been briefly dropped into.”

Love Jesse as much as we do? Visit his website at

Brian McCormack
Brian McCormack
Brain, holds close the idea that art – in its conception, collaboration ,cause, and effect – has no boundaries. Follow Brian on Instagram! #bdmcc or @bdmcc
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