Kathi Flood

Kathi Flood

Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Occupation: Artist  

In anticipation of LA Artcore’s group show taking place on Sunday, December 7th from 1-3PM, We Choose Art paid a visit to guerrilla sociologist and narrative assemblage artist Kathi Flood in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Stepping into Kathi Flood’s studio space was like entering a storybook filled with narrative installations. Each piece of art depicted a truthful story about humanity and our preconceived roles in society. Her studio felt animated and creative energy filled the room in various degrees. Brightly colored papers and folk like collages seemed to carry on conversations with one another, while newspaper snip bits, vintage magazines, and potential collage components waited patiently to be used in Kathie’s next project.

Kathi told us her process starts by gathering supplies from backroad antique malls, gutters, and auto junk yards. She uses texts, fibers, photography, etchings, and drawings to shape bombastic tales about bad drivers, singles ads, overstimulation, and our quest for privacy. Through her art she aims to describe the richness and absurdity of todays urban life and encourages everyone to tell their stories by introducing a poetic trance back into todays impatient world.

We Choose Art asked Kathi Flood “Why do you choose art?” and she stated:

  • I choose art because it’s the most visceral, intimate way to communicate.
  • I choose art because when you draw a tree, it becomes ‘yours’ and thereafter you feel more connected to it.
  • I choose art because it allows me to survey this world, digest it’s beauty, quirks, and deeper meanings, and visually pronounce my findings.
  • I choose art because it’s constructive, it has a beginning-middle-and-end, and it serves to structure my thoughts.
  • I choose art because I saw fifty artists and their work today, and the one I fell in love with the most was wearing a mask as part of her art statement; I could respond to her intellect freely.
  • I choose art because when I run into one of my students, we have more between us than facts.

For more information about Kathi Flood please visit her website at KathiFlood.com

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Baha Danesh
Baha Danesh
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