Location: New York City

Occupation: Break Dancer

While running for the 6 train in Union Square, I made my way around a usual crowd watching the subway break dancers. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Nasir “Kidbreak” Malave breaking it down to James Brown. I could not help but miss my train.


We asked Kidbreak why he loves to dance. He responds:

I dance ’cause it makes me happy and it’s fun, and I am really good at it!

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Krista Moy
Krista Moy
Krista believes that art is an expression of one’s soul in unlimited forms and experiences.
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  • Fred Spirit Malave

    Our Lil Guy Is 7 Now And Still Breakin, Godbless His Soul And Love For The Art, Him And His Big Bro StyleSki Are Striving To Make A Name In This Breakin World, But It’s Just The Beginning.. May It Be On The Subway Or In The Studio With There Teachers Or At Bboy Jam, They Must Stay Rockin…..

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