Max Presneill

Max Presneill, a Los Angeles-based artist, unveiled his latest body of work at the Garboushian Gallery in Beverly Hills. His exhibit, TRIUMVIRATE, displays a unique style of abstract and conceptual themes that empower him to explore outside the boundaries of basic fine art.

Max delivers a brightly colored and busy assessment of the world he sees throughout his art. His body of work explores complex themes of history, politics, class, power, and empire. The final forms of this series are originally distilled from the more specific and overtly figurative qualities of Max’s previous work.

Geometric chunks of color serve to block and obscure parts of the compositions while transporting the viewer into a world of forgetfulness. While zigzags portray graffiti like essence throughout the painting.

His work is  detailed, poignant, vibrant with color, and throbbing with emotion. I asked, “Why do you choose art?” and he stated:

“I choose art because it can combine my intellectual interests with the visual pleasures that some of us are geared towards plus the physicality of the act of painting, with the smell of oil paint. The sex, drugs and rock n roll of being an artist helped lure me into it and the ever changing and challenging aspects kept me there.”

Max’s body of work must be seen in the flesh. The exhibit will be on display at the Garboushion Gallery until Feburay 12th 2015. For more information and gallery hours visit their website at

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Baha Danesh
Baha Danesh
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