Location: New York City
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter

Singing and songwriting are some of the most rightful forms of musical expression. Whether it’s a solo performance with nothing but a voice and a guitar or backed with a full band, Raye finds this sort of expression as natural as drinking a glass of water or breathing air. I met the Mannhattan native this summer in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall where she opened for a few other bands. Her confident presence, even off the stage, gave me the impression she had been doing gigs for years. She is not only brand new to the music game as of 2012, she is also only twenty-one years old.

Raye’s tells We Choose Art that creating art was not really a choice for her but a necessity for coping with her family’s cozy living situation:

I chose art at a really young age. I don’t even remember consciously choosing it. When I was five years old I lived in a studio apartment with my entire family. There were five of us, (two siblings and my parents) in a studio in New York City. I got my designated corner of the room that I was allowed to do whatever I wanted. So I would turn it into a poetry studio. I would write poetry, create scenarios and do weird shit by the window in my corner. I was artistic and creative at a super young age because I had to. If I didn’t I would have gone crazy.

I have only been playing music very recently, but I have been acting and writing my whole life. I think in ‘verse’, or like a pentameter. My thoughts rhyme and always have. I’ve always thought in poetic form and wrote it down as a kid. I started this poetry blog, and all my friends said, ‘Your poems, short stories, and even your observations sound like rap songs.’ That’s how I think. Everything is in stylistic verse.

I love the sanity art brings me. When I have my art and that release, it keeps me sane. It is literally a necessity like food. Without it I feel like I am starving or thirsty. It gives me sanity, salvation, and peace. It balances me, gives me a sense of fulfillment. It gives me everything I need.

Want more Raye? Check her out on the links below:

Instagram- @rayemusic

In the NYC area? See her live at one of her upcoming shows:

October 3rd-  7pm – Arlene’s Grocery
November 13th –  7pm – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1
December 30th –  7:30pm – The Bitter End

All pictures were taken by Luis Ruiz www.larufoto.com

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Krista Moy
Krista Moy
Krista believes that art is an expression of one’s soul in unlimited forms and experiences.
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    Beautiful Raye; you’re doing so well.

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