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Featuring THEOHUXXX (aka Theo Anderson)
Located at The Salon at Automatic Sweat, Culver City CA. 

Artist THEOHUXXX aka Theo Anderson loves the human body. He draws it with delicate, flowing movement, he draws it in motion, caught mid-dance. Small or large, his watercolors are infused with a spirit that celebrates the physical, the beauty of the body.

In the current show at The Salon at Automatic Sweat, in the Culver City arts district, his quintessentially alive bodies have their faces obscured by colorful abstract shapes, sometimes dotted with a landscape of words.

Faceless is a debut solo exhibition for Theohuxxx, examining the human form as a vulnerable, raw, and visceral canvas. 25 works are exhibited here, and his oeuvre creates a world of open ended, unpredictable wonder, in which body matters more than mind, and the soul is expressed in these very physical images of captured movement.

On July 30th the We Choose Art team visited the exhibit and the artist shared his thoughts about Faceless.

We Choose Art: Tell us about this series of paintings, your medium.

THEOHUXXX: The paintings here are a combination of watercolor and acrylic. It’s basically the past three months of my life here on the wall.

We Choose Art: Why are we seeing the human body but no faces in these works?

THEOHUXXX: I believe that expression through the body is expression in its most natural form. For me, society focuses far too much on faces, especially here in Los Angeles, when we are so focused on celebrity, on recognizing people, on the constant question ‘who is that?’ For me, the answer is, well, who cares. I wanted to strip down and strip away that focus on the face, and show who we are through our bodies.

We Choose Art: The abstract images, the colors you use to obscure or in place of faces on these figures – how did you choose the specific colors, patterns, and words?

THEOHUXXX: The color choice is really just made by the moment. The poses of the body are very much thought out, but the colors, the abstract portions of these paintings, the lines, all of that is very much the spirit of the moment. Basically it’s all about capturing the emotion that I’m feeling.

We Choose Art: Each of the bodies here, the very seductive, dangerous motion of the arms in your “Witch” paintings, the bodies that appear to be dancing, reaching, they’re so active. How did you come up with these poses.

THEOHUXXX: I wanted to capture ideas in my head of pure movement. Movement that is caught and becomes still. I was trying to accomplish that moment, capture that image of motion in its most real sense.

We Choose Art: What is the intent behind your work? What is the message you want to leave with the viewer.

THEOHUXXX: I wanted these paintings to be raw but beautiful, that was my intent. I think the human body is very beautiful, and we should celebrate it, and we should not be ashamed of it, that’s my message.

In short, for Theo, the body evokes the soul, and movement is that soul’s spiritual as well as physical expression. Catch the moments of powerful motion that Theo evokes through August 27th at The Salon. For more information, visit

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Genie Davis
Genie Davis
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