Wyatt Mills | Normal

Wyatt Mills | NORMAL

Written By: Baha H. Danesh 

We Choose Art has yet again fallen in love with the new works of Wyatt Mills, a Los Angeles based painter who admires telling stories through contorted lines, fragments of thought, and hidden imagery. His newest body of work, “Normal,” confronts standard ideologies and concepts surrounding what it means to be normal in our society.

Each vibrant painting invites the viewers to pause and contemplate the impact of his art. His imagery can be erie, reflective, seductive, and psychologically sensual. His well-rendered, distinctive figures combine with painterly abstraction take us to a new dimension that projects our own subjective experience. Wyatt physically portrays the anxieties, neuroses, and personal battles swirling through his subject’s heads, forcing the viewer to confront what their concept of “normal” is.

Wyatt explains: 

The show is about how it’s completely normal to have some extraordinary drama in our lives. At the same time acting normal is something we hide behind to mask our internal wilderness. These pieces are subjects or figures with their mask of normality removed, exposing their internal dialogue all over the exterior. Everyone sees things differently and these pieces are sort of like little adventures into someones version or perception of reality.

Wyatt earned a BFA in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York and currently a resident at The Brewery Arts Colony. His most recent solo exhibition, “Normal,” opens January 9, 2015 at Project Gallery with an opening reception from 7-11pm, and will remain on view through March 6.

For more information about Wyatt Mills please visit his website at IDoesArt.com or find him on Instagram at @Wyatt.Mills.

Images provided by Wyatt Mills
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