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WeChooseArt is a collaborative community of thought and expression, where each individual can share their creative input of why artists do what they do. Our mission is to globally document a vibrant and artistic culture for tomorrow’s unique future.

  • Baha Danesh
    Baha DaneshCreative Partner

    Baha explains that “happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with creative energy, love, grace, and gratitude” and for Baha – art is happiness. She was born in Iran Tehran and moved with her parents to sunny Los Angeles CA after the Iranian Revolution.

    Being so close to the entertainment and business capital of L.A., Baha was inspired to start exploring and documenting her artistic surroundings. Today she is very involved with L.A.’s underground art community and works as a fine artist and commercial illustrator who founded the art collective L’art Pour L’art.

    According to Baha Danesh, “creating art is a form of expression that creates culture and culture shapes values and values determine the future.” She believes the creative process is, above all, the best adventure of the mind, body, and soul.

  • Brian McCormack
    Brian McCormackCreative Partner

    Brain holds close the idea that art – in its conception, collaboration,cause, and effect – has no boundaries. A Pittsburgh native, Brian attended school and worked creatively in NYC for nearly a decade before heading West to LA where he currently resides, sharing time between the city’s concrete motivation and placid inspiration of nearby Ojai.
    In 2010, Brian founded The 4th Wall Project, a conceptual art studio where all of the work, from paintings to music, was created entirely by a live online audience, their real time instructions carried out through him and fellow collaborators in the studio. Brian’s goal with his work is to make empathy mainstream by crafting structures, tangible and non, that start dialogs by listening first. His current project, a documentary called RedemptionSong, follows musically and poetically inclined youth on parole as they make music to benefit those affected by their crimes.

  • Krista Moy
    Krista MoyCreative Partner

    Krista believes that art is an expression of one’s soul in unlimited forms. She was born in St. Paul, MN then relocated with her family to upstate NY. After studying Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in NYC, she moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2008 and earned her BFA in Fashion Design from Otis College of Art & Design. Her internship at Mattel spawned her love of toy design that helped establish the importance of fun in everything she creates. Using photography from her personal life as inspiration, she developed her gestural freehand style of painting reminiscent of both fashion illustration and graffiti stencils. She showcased her paintings in the L.A. art collective L’art Pour L’art.

    Today she resides in Brooklyn and her street art can be found in various locations around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Using the streets as her gallery, Krista aims to reflect the playful, sexy, soulful, and humorous elements of life that reside in us all to an all-inclusive audience.

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