Ashley C. Williams

Ashley C. Williams

Location: Los Angeles

Occupation: Actor

From the controversial film, The Human Centipede, to Matthew A. Brown’s soon to be released Julia, Ashley’s emotional and intellectual immersion into her roles is strikingly malleable, bookmarked by intensity and grace.  Talking with Ashley reminds me of the importance of storytelling in our society. Stories help us feel, digest, imagine and experience perspective – all roots for connection and empathy to continue to find its way into our hearts and into the mainstream. How many times have icebreakers revolved around a film or performance? A lot.  There’s a good reason for this.

“For me, physical and emotional expression comes very naturally, and at a young age I discovered how much I loved creating and how necessary it was for me to actually function. So, I set forth to find which creative field fit me the best. While acting, singing, dancing and painting all throughout my childhood, I found that expressing myself through someone else’s eyes,transforming myself, completely letting go into the journey that I create and ultimately BEING YOU through ME, was what excited me the most.

When I watch plays and films that really affect me emotionally and hit me to the core or inspire me in a way, I think, I want to be able to do that for someone else. I’d like to make it believable enough so that the viewer can lose themselves in the story and let it spark something inside of them. I am drawn to works that are unique and have a deep truth to them. Works that are meaningful, radical and give something to the viewer to make them think on a whole new level.

I’ve become very interested in the human condition – why people do what they do. I want to be a part of a lot of different kinds of stories.  For example some of the roles I’ve played thus far like a villainous character or being a part of a controversial theme really excite me because it stirs people up, gets them talking. I love that shit. My reasons for being an actress have changed a lot over the years and sometimes I struggle with the egoic part of what it means to be a successful actress. Especially since the industry has changed so much over the years.  I try to stay strong and true to my artistry as much as possible. Even expressing something like this about why I do what I do helps ground me more and brings me back to the heart of it all.”

Trailer for her latest film, JULIA
Photo Credits:
Headshot : Paul Smith Photography
On Set Shot : Craig Sutters
Still from Ashley’s upcoming film, JULIA, directed by Matthew A. Brown


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