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WeChooseArt is a collaborative community of thought and expression, where each individual can share their creative input of why artists do what they do. Our mission is to globally document a vibrant and artistic culture for tomorrow’s unique future.


Dima Drjuchin

Dima Drjuchin Location: New York, NY Occupation: Artist Dima’s work first caught my eye on a poster for the Heart of Darkness comedy show at Union Hall in Brooklyn almost two years ago. I asked the host Greg Barris who made the art for it, and he said it’s his friend Dima’s. Years later while […]

Sean Bradley

Sean Bradley Occupation – Musician Location – Los Angeles Sean is a rare breed of artist – one who so meticulously contrasts a keen understanding and appreciation for technique with a sound resolve for conceptualizing and tangibly exploring uncharted territory through his art. Sean is one of the most eclectic people I have the honor […]

The L.A. Fort

The L.A. Fort On Thursday, April 24th the artist’s at The L.A. Fort opened their private studio spaces to We Choose Art, with a one night interactive group session. The L.A. Fort is located near the Downtown L.A. Fashion District and was created by a group of artists who seek to foster self-confidence, leadership, and common […]

Dace Vaivade

Dace Vaivade Location – Sweden (Originally from Latvia) Occupation – Writer / Poet  Dace told We Choose Art: “Life is a mystery with the magic of creating the journey to different dimensions. Where the path will lead me, I never know. I have to be courageous enough to follow the sound of my soul singing the melody […]

Nikita Arefkia & Taz Dodge

Nikita Arefkia & Taz Dodge Spotted at Brokechella Music and Arts festival Location – Los Angeles, CA Occupation – Artist We asked the artists why they choose art and how does art impact their lives. They stated: Plantluvr AKA Nikita Arefkia: “I can’t imagine only looking at life through a general perspective. Art gives us a […]

Michael Vintege

Michael Vintege Spotted at Brokechella Music and Arts festival Location – Los Angeles, CA. Occupation – Photographer  We asked Michael why he chooses art and his answer was: ” Art allows me to bring my extreme thoughts an ideas to life. It gives me expression without saying a word. Art allows me to be who […]

Frank Rozasy

Frank Rozasy Spotted at Brokechella Music and Arts festival Location – Los Angeles, CA. Occupation – Artist  We asked Rozasy why he chooses art and his answer was: ” Someone once asked me why I do art and I answered them with my own question, Why do you breathe? One of my earliest memories is drawing […]

Sean T. Rogers

Sean T. Rogers Location – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  Occupation – Writer “Why do I do my art? Vanity, I guess, right? I should probably admit that first. I’ve always wanted people to think of me as a creative person. That’s important to me, though embarrassing to admit. Even more embarrassing is the distasteful desire to cause […]
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