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Sandra Lauterbach | Material Matters

5 – 31 – 2016
Written by Baha H. Danesh
Featuring Sandra Lauterbach

Stitch, after stitch hour after hour, Los Angeles-based artist Sandra Lauterbach creates complex artworks made from colorful fabrics that explore dimensions of physical space, color, and depth. 

For Sandra Lauterbach, life and art are inseparable. In her solo show opening June 2nd at the LA Artcore, Sandra draws on her family history in the textile industry. Growing up in a world where distinctive patterns swirls, circles, flowers, and lines were infinite she became familiar with designing, manufacturing and importing colorful fabrics. Today, she uses this knowledge intimately within her artworks. The careful detail and original use of these mediums have caused Sandra’s work to been shown in national and international exhibitions, museums and galleries across the country.

With the sewing machine by her side, Sandra continues to create designs filled with vibrant colors and textures. Each work of art contains mesmerizing patterns, which create a spellbinding experience for viewers. But in our opinion words cannot describe her unique assortment of creations. Her large-scale artworks are meant to be seen in person and if you let your mind explore you will be transported into a galaxy filled with new discoveries.



– When did you begin sewing?

My grandmother taught me to sew when I was in elementary school. She was a physician who taught herself to sew when she came to the US.

– Where do you find the textiles that you work with?

I use fabrics ranging from cotton to silks and brocades dating from the 1970s (even extra fabric from the graduation dress my grandmother sewed me) until today. My family was in the textile business so I have many samples. I look for fabric wherever I am–fabric shops, street markets, etc. Sometimes I paint my own fabric to get just what I need.

– Other than your sewing machine what is the most indispensable item in your studio?

The large design wall is my studio is vital to my work. My paints are the fabric pieces that I pin on the wall. I need to look at the composition from a distance to decide if it works together.

– Where are you finding ideas for your work these days?

Museums, galleries, magazines, my photos, and nature are the source of inspiration for me.

– Do you have any new projects coming up?

I am excited about my “Material Matters”–my new series of irregularly shaped abstract textile “mosaics”. The bold colorful prints exude energy and life. They will be part of my show at LA Artcore.

– And finally, what makes you want to choose art? 

Using my imagination to create a piece of art makes me sing inside and is the highlight of my day. The words that I think of to explain why I am an artist are: use my imagination, creativity, tactile–working with my hands, experimentation, and creating a new “life”, sometimes beauty.

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Show Dates: June 2 – 26

Opening reception:
Sunday, June 5th 1-3 PM

Sunday, June 12th
2-3 PM Q&A with Sandra

Located at :
LA Artcore Gallery at Brewery Annex

650 South Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Baha Danesh
Baha Danesh
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with creative energy, love, grace, and gratitude. For Baha Danesh - ART is Happiness.
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