Create:Fixate Presents – I Art You

Create:Fixate Presents – I Art You

On Monday night, I visited the Create: Fixate team for a special behind the scenes installation night of “I Art You”. My evening began at their new Venice location where curator and producer Michelle Berc was busy creating a magical atmosphere for Create:Fixate’s 13 Year Anniversary Celebration. As the night swiftly passed by, the Create:Fixate artists and team members were busy going over the logistical challenges of installing hundreds of pieces before Thursday.

Create: Fixate hosts quarterly one-night art exhibits featuring an eclectic blend of emerging artists, designers, DJs and musicians. The event will take place this Thursday night from 7:00pm – 1:00 am and promises a combination of art, music, cocktails and shopping!!! Exhibit attendees will dive into the works of contemporary emerging artists whose vibrant colored canvases, sculptures and installations depict the playful yet bold side of today’s courageous art world. Create:Fixate is dedicated to supporting emerging artists and bringing together a community where creativity is a catalyst of expression and dialogue. Through festive art exhibits, the organization exposes new talent in a professional environment along with attracting and cultivating a new generation of art lovers. These events attract new art enthusiasts through artist involvement, community outreach, and education programs.

Nothing compares to the Create:Fixate experience live and in person! Click HERE to purchase tickets and join the Create:Fixate art party at 585 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA 90291.

Visual Artists Include:

Baha Danesh : Cerraeh Laykin : Chase 
Chris Saunders : Claudia Bueno : Gary Palmer 
Javiera Estrada : Lauren Frick : Luke Shutte : Martin Linss 
Paula Izydorek : Rachel Kaster : Rosana Aziernicki 
Stephan Canthal : Tony Hong : Wyatt Mills

During the hype of installing each piece I was able to pull some artists aside and ask, “Why do you choose art?”

Rosana Aziernick:

I choose art because it gives me a sense of balance. It helps me enjoy all other aspects of my life and helps me  feel centered and fulfilled.  Baha_Danesh (1 of 25)

Cerraeh Dutchess Laykin:

Art is a way of life – a way of seeing things, expressing yourself, and communicating beyond verbal interactions. It is why I’m here, and how I live my life – through inspiration, and creativity. It’s just the way life is! Baha_Danesh (25 of 25)

Claudia Bueno:

I choose art because it turns my life into an endless riddle that keeps me engaged and alive.  It challenges me to think off limits and find ways to reformulate our reality into visual excursions that will awaken insight and echo with people’s existence.  IMG_0364

Paula Izydorek:

Art actively depicts the nexus where elements of my external environment collide with my internal processes.  I respond to and deconstruct my personal interpretation of the dynamic energy that surrounds my thoughts, emotions and notions through painting.  Baha_Danesh (5 of 25)

Martin Linss:

Art is communication on a higher and more emotional frequency. I am not only blessed to speak through my art, but also live amongst the art I collect. I love the stimulating dialogue. Baha_Danesh (6 of 25)

Erica Halpern:

Art is the way I write without words, I talk without voice, I sing without song, I cry without tears, and laugh without sound.  Although I didn’t choose art, art chose me.IMG_7669

Stephan Canthal:

Art can be a very powerful tool to engage the viewer. It’s my favorite way to communicate with strangers across the world. Baha_Danesh (8 of 25)

Baha_Danesh (14 of 25)Baha_Danesh (1 of 1)Baha_Danesh (24 of 25)Baha_Danesh (17 of 25)Baha_Danesh (16 of 25)Baha_Danesh (9 of 25)Baha_Danesh (4 of 25)Baha_Danesh (2 of 25)

Baha Danesh
Baha Danesh
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with creative energy, love, grace, and gratitude. For Baha Danesh - ART is Happiness.
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