PHOTO RECAP | Hindsight Is 30/40

Photo Recap | Hindsight Is 30/40

Through December 10th
The Salon at Automatic Sweat
By Baha H. Danesh

On Saturday, November 12, The Salon (at Automatic Sweat) owned by casting director John Papsidera and producer Valoree Papsidera, held the opening for their latest exhibit, Hindsight Is 30/40; A prolific group exhibition featuring an eclectic collection of photography all shown in a 30 x 40 size.

Hindsight Is 30/40 combines cutting edge photographs that are bold and brave, but it also stands as a tribute to emotion creating vibrating feelings through every fiber of each photograph. The show represents a rare chance to encounter an array of diverse photographs that you’ll never see together again. The distinguished collection features images from Pete Black, Mark Gordon, Christian Gudegast, Bootsy Holler, Derek Hough, Toby Huss, Emily Joyce, Moby, Norman Reedus, and Suki Waterhouse.

This immersive show is nothing short of awesome. Hindsight Is 30/40 captures beautiful sights, stories, and identities themed to be primarily landscape or scenic, and interpretative therein. Throughout the show, picturesque dark shadows, and mysterious characters play essential roles within each work of art.

The opening night was filled with vibrant and upbeat energy. Actors and artists were among the hundreds of people who attended. While fans stopped to take pictures of their favorite photographs and/or photographers; others were mesmerized by the effervescent collection of artworks located in the lobby of The Salon.

The Salon is located in the Culver City Arts District and strives to inject passion back into the gallery experience. Previous exhibitions include Chris Kursel, Corinna Spencer, Danny Minnick, Dennis Morris, Gary Ward, Jonathan Gent, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Nick Stewart, Samaire Armstrong, Vanessa Prager and Theohuxxx.

Hindsight Is 30/40 will remain on view through December 10th. For more information and gallery hours please visit

Photo credit: Ron Pre and Baha H. Danesh 

Artwork by Emily Joyce - Photographed by Baha H. Danesh Vanessa and Steve AlexanderPhotographed by Ron Pre. Photographer Toby Huss Photographed by Ron Pre Teddy and Emily Greenspan Photographed by Ron Pre. Photographer Dennis Morris and Family Photographed by Ron Pre. Artist Pete Black Photographed by Ron Pre. Neon Artist Lisa Schulte and Jen Disisto Photographed by Ron Pre. EricBraeden, Dale Russell Gudegas, and John Papsidera Photographed by Ron Pre.The Salon (at Atomatic Sweat) Photographed by Ron Pre The Salon (at Atomatic Sweat) Photographed by Ron Pre Artwork by Christian Gudegast - Photographed by Ron Pre  Artwork by  Derek  Hough - Photographed by Baha H. Danesh Install shot - Photographed by Baha H. DaneshThe Salon (at Atomatic Sweat) Photographed by Baha H. Danesh Emily Joyce - Photographed by Baha H. Danesh Artwork by Moby - Photographed by Baha H. Danesh Artwork by Moby - Photographed by Baha H. Danesh Artwork by Moby - Photographed by Baha H. Danesh Artwork by Norman Reedus- Photographed by Baha H. Danesh





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