Location: Los Angeles / NYC
Occupation: Visual Artist

Through stenciled images of pop culture, fashion, music, and historical references, Cali Killa creates national and international street art that catches attention, cultures the masses, and is a voice for the his ideas. Active primarily in urban environments, he combines striking visuals with cleverly placed text making humorous and seductive pieces that effortlessly blend being in an art gallery with your everyday world. Cali stands out with his ability to not only deliver catchy and comical messages but show it in the context of an unforgettable image.

I met Cali while he was working on his commissioned piece for the John Woodward’s Ghost Bar Panel project in NYC. I observed his process while he worked on the street, kindly allowing on-lookers to watch. He shared with me the reasons behind his art:

Why do you choose art?

I choose art because it’s a therapy. It’s a way of expressing my views in public while educating viewers about art.  Street art gives me an opportunity to view art that really doesn’t have an opportunity to go to museums and galleries. That’s why I choose art in the streets.

What is the draw for you towards street art?

I really like the adrenaline rush, and I also like how people react to my art.

What is the inspiration for your “BEWARE OF HIPSTER” piece?

I started it a few years ago and it was more like a joke at a time when people started using the term and figuring out what the term meant and what a hipster was. So I played on that and it had a good response, and I just continued to go with it. It made people laugh, which is always good because when you make people laugh they always remember it.

Click and find out more about Cali:

Baha_Danesh (1 of 2)Baha_Danesh (2 of 2)

CALIKILLA (2 of 5)CALIKILLA (3 of 5)CALIKILLA (4 of 5)CALIKILLA (5 of 5)

Krista Moy
Krista Moy
Krista believes that art is an expression of one’s soul in unlimited forms and experiences.
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