David Lovejoy

David Lovejoy

Location: Los Angeles 

Occupation: Designer 

If you live in L.A. then David Lovejoy is one of those artists that you can’t miss. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout California, Hawaii, and even Europe. But he is famously known for his studio and installations located within the Spring Arts Tower on Gallery Row.

His artistic direction includes using and repurposing old and new materials to fit his needs. You can find books, vinyl records, pianos, and even unique refurbished cameras from the 30’s and 40’s throughout his art.

His style is one of a kind and holds uplifting surprises in every corner. Last month during the DTLA Art Walk I had the pleasure of asking him “Why did you choose art?”

Lovejoy Stated:

Why did I choose art? 

In my youth, I found it intriguing when I discovered that sculptors and artists could make things up out of whole cloth, just imagining something and then making it. I understood artists who looked at nature and painted landscapes, or looked at people and painted portraits – but there was this other thing going on, where artists created from thoughts and ideas. I watched a puppet-maker sculpt a head as he pictured a character in his mind, I saw Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase, and Dali’s clocks.

I discovered a skill in design and fell into graphics. I discovered a love of clay, and through that, a love of texture. I developed an appreciation for craftsmanship, and found that I had a voice which could influence others. When life offered an opportunity to move from marketing and advertising to making things I imagined, I CHOSE ART. It is at once fulfilling and consuming, challenging and monotonous. When I wonder “what would it look like if…?” and then make the thing, and answer the question, there’s a satisfaction that makes it worthwhile. When I feel things need to change in society, I can express those feelings visually, and inspire others to look at things differently. I can make people smile through my art.

Want to read more about David Lovejoy? Visit is website at LovejoyArt.com 

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Baha Danesh
Baha Danesh
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